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Desa Pakraman Padangtegal (meaning the “people’s village” of Padangtegal) is located some 20 kilometers north of Denpasar, the capital of Bali province, in Ubud sub district, Gianyar regency, just south of the village of Ubud.

Renowned as the artistic and cultural centre of Bali, Ubud sub district is indeed a special place. For years, professional artists as well as would-be artists, locals and expatriates alike have flocked here hoping to make a name for themselves and a good living out of art. The large number of museums scattered around the area offer evidence of its dynamic artistry. Its landscape of beautiful rice terraces climbing steep hillsides, overlooking river valleys filled with tropical rainforest, provides a picturesque setting for creative imagination.

Desa Pakraman Padangtegal, with a land area of roughly 1.28 square kilometers, is inhabited by about 3,034 people, many of whom make their living as farmers and artists. The village is subdivided into four Banjar or customary hamlet communities – Banjar Padangtegal Kaja, Banjar Padangtegal Mekarsari, Banjar Padangtegal Kelod and Banjar Padang Kencana.

Under the leadership of the Bendesa or chief of Desa Pakraman Padangtegal, these four Banjar form a group of cooperating congregations that support three temples: the Pura Puseh or village origin temple; Pura Bale Agung or great council of the Gods; and the Pura Dalem or death temple – where The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Monkey Forest Ubud, is located. The overall function of this religious community is to maintain the cosmic balance of the village and to assure the health and well being of its inhabitants by worshipping the divine and exorcising the demonic powers.

Padangtegal has a typically tropical climate, with a rainy season from September to February and a dry season from March to August, and temperatures ranging annually from 220C to 300C. As the area is quite hilly and on a slightly higher elevation than the coast, it is cooler than the southern tourist areas.

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