The Monkeys

11960137_592020127604953_2414164617471071650_nThe type of monkeys that live in the area of The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (Monkey Forest Ubud), known as the Balinese long-tailed monkey, in scientific called Macaca fascicularis. In English called macaque.

There are about 600 monkeys living in this area. They are divided into 5 groups: in front of the main temple, Michelin, eastern, central, and cemeteries. Each group consist of 100 – 120 monkeys which: infants (0 – 1 year), juvenile 1 (1 – 2 years), juvenile 2 (2 – 4 years), sub adult male (4 – 6 years), adult female (> 4 years), and adult male (> 6 years).

Because of the considerable population, the conflicts between groups of monkey cannot be avoided. Sometimes for a specific reason, such as a bath to the river in the dry season, certain groups must cross the other groups territory.

This type of primate is active during the day and rest at night. The pregnancies of female monkey are about 6 months and generally 1 infant is born. Very rarely are twin. Monkey’s baby stays with their mother for about 10 months and thereafter will be weaned to live independently.

Mating can occur throughout the year with higher intensity happened in May to August. Monkey’s mothers are keeping their babies intensively; even female monkeys who are not the parent also participated in keeping the baby monkey.

The average weight of female monkey is 2.5 – 5.7 kg and male monkey is 3.5 – 8 kg. The lifespan of male monkey up to 15 years while female monkey up to 20 years.

The long tailed monkeys are omnivores. In the Monkey Forest Ubud, the main food of the monkeys is sweet potato, given 3 times a day and combine in daily with: banana, papaya leaf, corn, cucumber, coconut, and other local fruit.

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  1. Hi there I would like to ask, how much is the entrance fees for 4 adults during a saturday or sunday or monday (either one day , not sure yet which one) in December 2017?

    1. Warmest greeting from Monkey Forest Ubud.
      the entrance ticket for adult is IDR 50.0o00 and IDR 40.000 for child.
      You can buy a ticket when you arrival,
      Our operational time is on 08.30 am until 06.00 pm.
      the last ticket service is on 05.30 pm.
      if you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
      thank you.

    1. Dear Ann Tan

      Warmest greeting from Monkey Forest Ubud.
      Please be informed you the ticket for adult (above 12years) is IDR 50.000 and child (3 years – 12 years) is IDR 40.000.
      The operational time is at 08.30 am until 06.00 pm ( the last entrance is at 05.30 pm).
      If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to lets me know.
      We are looking forward to welcoming you soon.

  2. Do the Monkeys still come close to visitors and/or climb on them they did this when i visited 20 yrs ago… had amazing time then had heaps of pictures taken

    1. Dear Kloee Richardson

      Warmest greeting from Monkey Forest Ubud.
      We are happy to read your wonderful story in Monkey Forest Ubud.
      Please be informed you that the monkeys are wild (not pet) and has unpredictable reaction.
      The visitor are not allowed to feed or do physical contact with the monkeys, because
      we avoid any accident (scratch and bitten) case.
      The monkeys will not come to you if you do not bring any kind of food, drink, bottle, plastic or paper bag.
      For your safety and convenience, please follow our Guidelines and make good distance with the monkeys.
      If you need assistance, we are always available to assist to you.
      Thank you very much for your sharing memorable story.
      We are always looking forward to welcoming you again in your next holiday.

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